Handmade in Germany and straight from the manufacturer

Design Basis: 3D Digitalization

estella Fahrzeugtechnik 3D Scan

In the beginning of every estella design, a scanned 3D model is made from the vehicle's chassis which serves as a design template.

Design and Development in CAD

estella Fahrzeugtechnik CAD design

Afterwards, the 3D scan model is loaded into CAD where the part is being designed. With this process, estella makes sure that the designed part is perfectly fitting to the chassis.

Force Calculation via FEM Analysis

estella Fahrzeugtechnik Force Calculation

Load peaks are detected by FEM analysis and adaptions are implemented right away during the development process. The outcome of this is that estella aerodynamic parts really improve the cd value or the downforce and stick to strict safety regulations.

Design of Production Tooling

estella Fahrzeugtechnik tooling design

Not only the part itself  but also the manufacturing tools are designed in CAD before everything is handed over to estella's carbon fiber manufactory.

Carbon Fiber Manufactory

estella Fahrzeugtechnik Carbon Fiber Manufactory

In the in-house manufactory, all parts are made by hand to meet the highest quality demands. estella processes only the best materials that are also used for the aircraft construction.

OEM Quality Standard

estella Fahrzeugtechnik OEM quality standard

The development and production process aligned with german guidelines including part certifications from GTÜ  guarantees estella carbon fiber exterior and interior being on an OEM level.